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United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. Phoenix magazine provides solutions to the many challenges of living with a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy or continent diversion ( Stoma Stifler, j-pouch, kock pouch, etc.).

The pdf removable image solution for Stoma Noise Suppression and Protection

2 different application methods, to suit your personal needs

Your Stoma Stifler kit comes with the following:

1. Stoma Stifler (polyurethane cup & arm)  
2. Anchor plate (designed for either right or left side)
3. Short Snug Band with adjustable slider-clip
4. Long Snug Band with adjustable slider-clip
5. Roll of 10yd x 2”-wide tape, hypoallergenic & breathable
6. Belt clip  
7. 3 aluminum post-screws (2 plus 1 extra)  

Application Method “A”: attach anchor plate to your existing ostomy belt or hernia belt.



Application Method “B”: attach anchor plate to skin using tape. Use this method if you do not use an ostomy belt.


Application method “A” (refer to photos 1A - 11A) : attach anchor plate to your current ostomy belt or hernia belt. Use this method if you wish to attach the Stoma Stifler to you existing ostomy or hernia belt (1A).




You will need to create 1 small hole in your existing 1-inch ostomy belt, or 2 holes in your wider hernia belt. Method shown is for your ostomy belt, but for a hernia belt the method is similar. For ostomy belt, the hole in your 1” belt will align with the middle hole in the plate, regardless of whether you are using it on the left side or right side of your abdomen. The top hole in the anchor plate will be aligned with the top of the belt , you should be able to see the top edge of the belt through the top hole (3A & 4A).

To determine where to make the hole in your belt, snap the plate to the cup, and then hold the cup centered over your stoma, in front of your pouch (same position as shown in 2A). Move the plate vertically until you can see the edge of the belt through the top hole (3A), stand in front of a mirror if it helps. Hold the plate firmly against the belt with one hand, and remove the cup with the other (squeeze the sides of the cup to remove it (11A). Take a pen or marker, and put a mark on the belt where the hole will go (3A & 4A).

Put the belt and plate on a flat surface for easier handling . Use a pen or sharp pencil to make the hole in the belt (5A). Beginning with the middle-hole screw (6A), assemble the anchor-plate as shown, using the clip and 2 screws.

middle hole 7A
6A   Short
Snug Band

Insert short Snug Band as shown into the Stoma Stifler (7A). Attach your ostomy belt to your ostomy pouch (with the anchor plate now attached). Now snap the Stoma Stifler into the anchor plate (8A & 9A), the magnetic clasp will engage with an audible “click”.


Continued: Application Method “A” (refer to photos 1A - 11A)

Adjust the slider-clip location (on the Snug Band) to give you the snug or looser fit you desire. Then hook the slider-clip across the Stoma Stifler and onto your ostomy belt (10A).

To remove the Stoma Stifler, first unclip the Snug Band, then squeeze the side of the cup (11A) and it will release from the anchor plate.


Application method “B” (refer to photos 1B - 12B): Use this method if you currently do not use
an ostomy belt


Apply two 2”x4” strips of tape to the anchor plate, overlapping approximately 1” of the plate (4B & 5B).


Attached the long Snug Band to the cup (6B). Snap the cup to the anchor plate (7B), and then center the cup on your pouch, over your stoma (8B).

Continued: Application Method “B” (refer to photos 1B - 12B)

Press down the tape around the anchor plate. Remove the cup by squeezing the sides (12B), and continue pressing down firmly on the tape, working your way completely around the perimeter of the anchor plate (9B).

Attach the Stoma Stifler to the plate, the magnetic clasp will engage with an audible “click” (10B). Cinch the Snug Band around your waist and hook the slider-clip onto the band as shown (11B). The slider-clip location is adjustable: loosen the band from the slider-clip, then slide the clip to make the Snug Band more snug or less snug, as needed.

To easily and quickly remove Stoma Stifler from the anchor plate, unhook the Snug Band, then pinch the sides at the red arrows shown (12B), and the cup will release.




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